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Tear Drop Flag-Large

Our Price: 279.99 +tax

  • Single Sided (add $105 for double sides)
  • 11′ High
  • Graphic Size: 41” W x 97.5” H
  • Full Color Printing
  • Comes w/ Spike base
  • Comes w/ carrying case
  • Free Delivery!

Tear Drop Flag-Small

Our Price: 239.99 +tax

  • Single Sided (add $75 for double sides)
  • 8.2′ High
  • Graphic Size: 35.5” W x 72” H
  • Full Color Printing
  • Comes w/ Spike Base
  • Comes w/ Carrying Case
  • Free Delivery!

Falcon Flag

Our Price: 249.99 +tax

  • Single Sided (add $65 for double sides)
  • 13′ High
  • Graphic Size: 27” W x 138” H
  • Full Color Printing
  • Comes w/ Spike Base
  • Comes w/ Carrying Case
  • Free Delivery!

Custom Banner Flags!

Use these indoor/outdoor custom banner flags to ensure that your brand is always visible! Your logo and graphics will be flying high above the crowd with our custom banner flags. Great for trade shows, storefronts, exclusive events, and more!


How To Assemble

Assembling a customized banner flags can be intimidating, but not with our products. Spend less time on assembly and more time running your business or event with our custom banner flags. Not only are our teardrop & falcon banner flags extremely fast and easy to put together, the flags, bases, and poles are interchangeable. When it’s time to order a new design, simply place your order and we’ll provide you with a new flag. There’s no need to purchase another pole!


Why Should You Get A Banner Flag?

When driving down the street, potential customers may not even notice your business, especially if you’re depending on them to see the sign on the front of your building. In order to read your sign properly, the driver has to look out the side window, which isn’t likely to happen. Even if the driver does see your sign, they may have no idea what kind of goods or services you have to offer because they drive by so quickly!

Teardrop banners can change all that. They are completely portable, which means you can arrange them on your property however you like. They are especially effective when placed close to the street or sidewalk because drivers can easily see your sign out the front windshield. Whether you choose a double or single sided flag, vehicle passengers are sure to notice your teardrop banners and stop into your shop.

Teardrop flags aren’t just great for established brick and mortar stores. They can also be used at special outdoor events! Because we offer four unique base options, our flags are a great way to catch the attention of passersby at an outdoor sporting event, music concert, farmer’s market, and much more! Our teardrop flags can even be affixed to an exhibition display so that they can be seen above the crowd.


How To Order:

  1. Choose your products
  2. Call & place your order
  3. Approve Design Proof
  4. Order is created & shipped

Customer Reviews

“Customer satisfaction is number one at this company. Always answered my phone calls and emails quickly.”

Kris Hall

Owner, Marble Transformerz

“Radius Creative has fantastic customer service and very quick turnaround”

Christina Lincicum

Owner, Kidz Head 2 Toe